Consumer Trends

Foodservice outlets across the globe see slight growth

Despite most global restaurant and foodservice visits still down, there was slight growth in the quarter ending June 2010 compared to a year ago. The NPD Group found that increased consumer traffic occurred mainly in China and Canada. The economic recovery and increased consumer confidence in China helped spark the boom in foodservice spending while the rest of the world remained relatively stagnant.

  • China saw an increase in traffic of 13% while Canada experienced a more modest 2% gain. Spending increased slightly in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany as well
  • The majority of foodservice traffic in China relates to frequency of visits to Western-style quickservice restaurants, as consumers are still avoiding full-service
  • In the U.K., the rate of decline was slower in the second quarter than the first; the increase in consumer spending at foodservice outlets reflects the country’s slightly improving economy
  • Italy, Japan and Spain experienced the steepest traffic declines in the second quarter
  • Japan’s traffic remained flat yet spending decreased substantially
  • Globally, the economic environment and industry performance is still not good, but it is better than before


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