Consumer Trends

Getting the lowdown on restaurants

Where do potential customers go to get information about local dining choices? The Internet is the #1 source, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center. The survey revealed that newspapers and word-of-mouth are also popular sources.

  • 55% of those surveyed indicated that they seek out news and information about restaurants. The group was composed primarily of women, young adults, urban residents and technology adapters
  • 51% of those adults say they get news and information about local restaurants, bars and clubs by surfing the Web
  • 38% of survey respondents rely on search engines to sift through the choices, while 17% turn to specialty websites and 3% follow social networking sites and/or Twitter
  • 31% of restaurant seekers rely on newspapers, with 26% referring to printed copies and 5% to newspaper websites
  • Word-of-mouth is still a powerful way to create buzz, with 23% of respondents indicating they rely on recommendations by family and friends
  • Only 8% of respondents look to local TV—either live broadcasts or websites—for their restaurant information


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