Consumer Trends

Getting older means getting healthier for Baby Boomers

The aging Baby Boomer population wants to stay healthy—and they’re willing to pay for it. Packaged Facts, a division of MarketReserach.com, released a new report, Healthy 50+ Americans: Trends and Opportunities in the Emerging Wellness Market that details how today’s seniors view aging and wellness. The report defines “Healthy 50+ Consumers” as Americans 50 and older pursing a wellness regime that includes exercise and healthy eating habits. The report counts 26 million Americans in this category.

  • Healthy 50+ Consumers share an aggregated household income of $1 trillion
  • 24% of Healthy 50+ Consumers have a household income of $100,000 or more compared to 17% of other consumers in the same age group
  • Healthy 50+ seniors dine out and travel more regularly than others in their age group
  • The Healthy 50+ members form a critical segment of shoppers purchasing organic and natural foods, and they will spend more for these items


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