Consumer Trends

Health nuts crack when convenience calls

Even those with the best intentions sometimes fall short. Scarborough Research revealed that 74% of health-conscious consumers (defined by adults who belong to a gym and buy local or organic food) caved into temptation and visited a fast food restaurant in the 30 days prior to their survey. And although these respondents went for the quick fix, the results of the survey showed some interesting results.

  • The health-conscious consumer’s choice of quickservice restaurants differs from the preferences of the rest of American adults who eat fast food regularly. They are more than twice as likely to visit Panera Bread than other consumers and are 8% more likely to eat at Subway—both of which offer healthier choices
  • Although these healthy-minded individuals are looking for more nutritious options, more than a quarter (26%) confessed to eating at quickservice restaurants at least 10 times a month
  • However, these healthy eaters counteract fast food meals with activity: 86% participate in jogging or running. Plus, they are 78% percent more likely to have gone bicycling and 60% more likely to have gone swimming
  • Health-conscious consumers who dined at fast food restaurants were 13% more likely to be female and 66% more likely to have at least a college degree than those who are not engaged in a healthier lifestyle
  • The top local markets for health-conscious consumers visiting quickservice restaurants are Denver, San Diego, Rochester and Baltimore


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