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Hitting the breakfast sweet spot

Among certain demographic groups, lack of appetite and time constraints are leading to a growing population of breakfast skippers. These and other emerging trends spell opportunity for operators and manufacturers, who can fight back with quicker, more efficient breakfast options. Convenience seems to be the main factor in determining breakfast consumption.

  • Currently one out of ten consumers, or 31 million people, are not eating breakfast, reports the NPD Group. Breakfast skippers are mostly men ages 18-34 (28%) and women in the 18-34 age group (18%).
  • Although lack of appetite is cited as a reason for skipping breakfast, lack of time is considered the top reason, mainly among adult women. This group has a higher propensity to skip breakfast due to time constraints, being too busy and rushing to get out of the house.
  • Adults are not the only ones skipping breakfast; children ages 13-17 are also guilty of missing the morning meal, according to a study by The Hartman Group.
  • Among consumers who do eat in the morning, 75% of them have breakfast meals, snacks and beverages at home, NPD discovered.
  • When consumers do eat breakfast, they tend to choose oatmeal, chocolate items and other breakfast snacks, says The Food Channel in its 2011 Top Ten Breakfast Trends report. In addition to these foods, ethnic flavors and global influences are beginning to make their way to the breakfast table, with pizza an increasingly popular morning choice.
  • Mintel research notes that consumers are searching for more options on the run. 43% of restaurant users say they rarely have time to eat breakfast at home during the week, but half say it’s just too time consuming to stop for breakfast at a restaurant.


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