Consumer Trends

National Pride Matters to Consumers

When a product boasts the label “Made in America,” three out of five Americans feel a sense of national pride and are more likely to purchase the product. Adweek Media/Harris Poll surveyed 2,163 U.S. adults to understand how national pride advertising affects spending. The findings revealed that there are clear age differences and regional variations that contribute to the likeliness of consumers buying American. Advertising a product as “Made in America” can be a feel-good and powerful way to influence consumer spending.

  • 75% of adults 55 and over said they are more likely to buy American, with 66% of 45-54 year olds and 61% of 35-44 year olds saying the same
  • Only 44% of Americans aged 18-34 were more inclined to purchase a “Made in America” product and 52% were neither more or less likely to be influenced
  • 67% of Midwesterners are more likely to purchase a “Made in America” product, while only 61% of Southerners, 60% of Easterners and 57% of Westerners would do the same


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