Consumer Trends

Out of the fryer

Recent foodservice market research by the NPD Group/CREST reveals that total seafood and fried seafood servings have been declining for several years, but servings of non-fried seafood have increased over the last two years. The recession is blamed for the overall decline in seafood consumption, as Americans traded down to less expensive choices. However, the demand for fish that is grilled, broiled, baked and raw, posted growth this year.

  • Servings of total non-fried fish increased by 1% for the year ending March, 2011, salmon servings grew by 1% and sushi by 4%
  • Cooking method ranks among the top features in the definition of healthful eating, according to the NPD report, Consumers Define Healthy Eating When They Go Out to Eat
  • The cooking method of most importance is grilled
  • The fastest growing segment of the population, those 50 and older, were most inclined to mention cooking method as important in describing characteristics of a healthful meal. Consequentially, those in the same age group are heavier consumers of seafood than those who are younger


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