Consumer Trends

Snacking goes global

America has become a snacking culture. People now eat before, between and after meals. What’s more, snacking is and will continue to grow as a global exploration of taste, as today’s younger consumers are more interested in globalized flavors.

  • Snacking accounts for 48% of all eating in the United States
  • 1 out of 10 snacking occasions occur only an hour within purchase
  • The motivation of snacking comes from the expression of in-the-moment feelings and desires
  • On a positive note, consumers are now savoring higher quality snacks, such as ones with high protein and fiber
  • Adults are more likely to snack alone; 52% of all snacking is a solo activity, compared with 37% of adult meals that are eaten alone
  • Men are slightly more likely than women to snack alone, with a percentage rate of 54% compared to 51%
  • Snacking also increases with age, going from 46% among Millennials to 63% among older generations

Many of today’s children are comfortable replacing entire meals with snacks. As this lifestyle trait gets passed on to their children, snacking will be even further entrenched in America’s eating future.


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