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Still not enough produce in kids’ restaurant meals

Moms reported that the biggest difficulty in getting their children to eat more fruits and vegetables was the lack of having a wide variety of options in restaurants. Although they noted that in 2010 it was significantly easier for them to find fresh produce when dining out, especially at fast food establishments, it still accounts for only a fraction of the menu items at QSRs, and there is still huge room for improvement.

  • In 2010, 25% of mothers reported that it was easy for them to find fruit in restaurants, and 17% said the same for vegetables, up from 19% and 8% in 2009, respectively
  • 37% of moms said it was easy to get their families to eat fruit at restaurants, up from 28% in 2008
  • However, only 8.8% of all menu items include fruit, and only 3% of overall fruit consumption comes from restaurants
  • 44.8% of all menu items contain at least one vegetable (not counting chips or fries), and 15% of all vegetable consumption takes place at restaurants


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