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Voices of their generation: What kids really think

The following verbatims are from a study conducted by Y-Pulse LLC of nearly 1,800 kids between the ages of 5 and 15.

For kids that picked fast food restaurants as their favorite place to eat, many mentioned convenience as their primary reason.

“It’s easy just placing an order and not having to talk about stuff at a table.” | Girl aged 13
“It’s my favorite choice because I like my food fast. I don’t like waiting. I’m very impatient.” | Girl aged 15
“The food is really fast, you don’t have to wait, it is really good.” | Boy aged 15

Of the kids who chose local restaurants with waiter service as their favorite eating establishment, many mentioned the healthy eating options as a plus, as well as variety and spending time with their families.

“The food tastes great and it is easier to eat healthier out sometimes.” | Girl aged 13
“There is a variety of good and healthy food.” | Girl aged 14
“They have the food I like, and they make it the way I like it.” | Girl aged 14
“Home-made food.” | Boy aged 14
“Being with family.” | Boy aged 14

Kids who preferred chain restaurants with waiter service as their number one place to eat mentioned the healthy choices, the family time, the overall variety, being waited on and the quality of food.

“Good food, family time.” | Girl aged 12
“You get to choose from different kinds.”| Boy aged 14
“The food is usually healthier and being served is nice, not having to make it yourself etc.” | Girl aged 16
“Being able to sit down and talk with meals
prepared fresh as ordered!” | Girl aged 14
“I don’t have to clean up afterwards.” | Girl aged 13
“It’s really good, my parents make healthy stuff, but hey, you need some good food at Chili’s!” | Boy aged 13
“You get to choose more variety then at home where you will eat whatever your mom makes for you.” | Girl aged 12


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