Consumer Trends

Younger Hispanics drive food choices

Among the U.S. Hispanic population, Millennials’ food choices reflect cultural preferences, according to the NPD’s NET (National Eating Trends) Hispanic research. This 22- to 35 year-old age group, which comprises 65% of the Hispanic population in the United States, includes Hispanic dishes in 7% of all meals. The research shows that they gravitate toward ready-to eat, fresh and from scratch foods both away from home and at home.

NPD found these to be the preferences of Hispanic Millennials compared to non-Hispanics:

  • Bread: 8% non-Hispanics; 12% Hispanics
  • Rice: 3% Non-Hispanics; 8% Hispanics
  • Ready-to-eat cereal: 13% non-Hispanic; 11% Hispanic
  • Sandwiches: 16% non-Hispanics; 10% Hispanics
  • Fruit: 9% non-Hispanics; 8% Hispanics

“U.S. Hispanics are youthful and therefore represent future opportunities for food and beverage marketers, especially now that their population growth is coming more from births than immigration,” says Darren Seifer, NPD food and beverage industry analyst. “Understanding which product categories appeal to each Hispanic consumer group will be critical to effectively connecting with these consumers ...”


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