Consumers gaining confidence in Chipotle

chipotle burrito bowl chicken

As Chipotle gains distance from the food safety scares it was plagued by late last year, customers are becoming more willing to dine at the chain, according to a new consumer survey.

Negative sentiment toward the fast casual hit a low in January, and consumer confidence has grown after Chipotle boosted traffic with such efforts as offering a coupon for a free entree, an analyst from William Blair & Company, the firm that conducted the survey, said in a note reported on by CNBC.

Despite these shifts, awareness of the E.coli outbreaks that sickened people in more than a dozen states “remains high,” at around 80 percent, CNBC says.

Chipotle suffered a significant loss in both traffic and brand perception in the aftermath of its highly publicized E.coli and norovirus issues. The chain said its same-store sales slipped 14.6 percent year over year during the final quarter of 2015, while its income fell 44 percent.

Read the full story via CNBC.


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