Thinly sliced fish traditionally served raw with sea salt and lemon juice, crudo is Italian in origin but is now being fused with an assortment of global flavors. Restaurants nationwide are even featuring crudo sections on the menu to promote the fresh simplicity of this appetizer.

Bar Crudo
San Francisco, California
Tombo Tuna with lobster cream, vanilla salt, watermelon radish, licorice greens; $12

Los Angeles, California
Cuttlefish with toasted walnuts, micro celery, Sicilian olive oil; $11

Meat Market
Miami Beach, Florida
Yukon Salmon with Indian River grapefruit, Key lime, coconut milk, aji amarillo

New York City
Fluke Crudo with pink grapefruit, radish, shiso blooms; $14

Washington, DC
House Cured: (Portugal, Spain, Tasmania) sardines with parmesan and capers, boquerones sauce rouge, smoked salmon, dill; $8

Boulder, Colorado
Japanese Hamachi “Crudo” with pickled yellowfoot chanterelle mushrooms and ricotta dumplings; $12

Boston, Massachusetts
Atun Crudo: Yellowfin tuna with citrus and soy; $12


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