Denny’s adopts a pancake guarantee

dennys all day breakfast

Denny’s is inviting consumers to try the chain’s newly revamped pancakes without financial risk.

Through the end of the month, Denny’s is joining the ranks of chains that are offering customers a guarantee. If guests are not satisfied by the chain’s fluffier pancakes, they won’t be charged for giving the new item a try.

The guarantee is applicable on any dish with pancakes, including Denny’s popular $4 All You Can Eat deal as well as its four new Signature Builds.

“When we launched our new pancakes, we promised our guests a higher-quality, tastier ‘cake that was so much better, it might even top those beloved recipes they can only find at home,” said John Dillon, Denny’s CMO. “We stand firmly behind that statement, and to demonstrate how confident we truly are, we’re inviting America to decide if our pancakes are some of the best they’ve ever had.”

With fresh buttermilk, eggs and vanilla added to the batter, the new pancakes are said to be 50% fluffier and slightly sweeter than their predecessors.

Denny’s is the latest in a string of restaurants that have recently adopted a guarantee as a way of getting guests to try something new. Buffalo Wild Wings announced last month that it wouldn’t charge guests for any item off its Fast Break Lunch menu that wasn’t served within 15 minutes.

Earlier this year, Pizza Hut launched Visible Promise Time, a platform that gives delivery and takeout customers an estimated timeline of how long they’ll have to wait for a prospective order.


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