Denny's Joins Purchasing Co-op Trend

The DFA has engaged a consultant to assist in formation of the purchasing co-op, and accelerate achievement of the objective for the highest possible level of efficiency for integrated supply chain management.

"The purchasing co-op will properly leverage the buying power of the Denny's brand along with increasing our supply chain efficiencies by streamlining the purchasing process and enhancing the strategic procurement of products," said DFA board chair W. Craig Barber. "Our food distribution partner will be an integral part of the co-op formation and we are confident their continued excellent service will contribute to the co-op's success."

"The DFA Board recently held a series of town hall meetings with our members and it was clear they want to see improvements in the Brand's purchasing effectiveness," said Barber. "The co-op model, which other restaurant brands have employed to enhance their supply chain management, is one element of addressing those concerns."

The Denny's Franchisee Association was formed in 1997 to represent the interests of Denny's Brand franchisees. Its membership is comprised of franchise owners and operators of over 84 percent of the brand's 1,200+ franchised restaurants.


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