Details emerge on new McDonald's tech move

mcdonalds exterior

McDonald’s will enable smartphone users to place and pay for orders ahead of time starting in selected markets next year, according to a report by the website BusinessInsider.com.

A spokesperson told the site that as many as 25,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide could be offering the service by the end of 2018—a potential game-changer on the basis of market penetration alone.

A number of quick-service chains already offer order- and pay-ahead capabilities, including Starbucks and Chick-fil-A. The service has been particularly successful for Starbucks, where the mobile capability accounts for 6% of sales.

Chick-fil-A added the service as an aid to parents with children in tow. With the chicken chain’s app, a mom or dad can place an order and wait in the car for the food to be delivered by a staffer.

McDonald’s did not reveal the particulars of its service, but has cited it a number of times in discussing possible ways of speeding service.

It did not reveal a timetable with any of those prior mentions.


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