Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are rolling out of picnic baskets and onto menus by the dozens as chefs across the country take a crack at creating their own versions of the summertime snack.

Maggie Brown
Brooklyn, New York
Deviled Egg of the Day; $4

Washington, D.C.
Trio of deviled eggs: crabmeat ravigote, shrimp rémoulade, Louisiana choupique caviar; $7

Polonez Restaurant
St. Francis, Wisconsin
Deviled Eggs (6) served Polish style (filled with mushroom and onion); $4.50

The Cedars Restaurant and Lounge
Detroit, Oregon
Deviled Egg Sandwich; $7

Rustico Restaurant and Bar
Alexandria, Virginia
Deviled eggs with madras curried jumbo lump crab; $10

Hungry Mother
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Deviled Chip-in Farm Eggs & Bacon; $4


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