Deviled Eggs

Oh, the humble deviled egg! This hard-boiled, compact classic found at countless picnics, potlucks and cocktail parties is shedding its retro identity. Elegant or homey, restaurants are creating bite-sized surprises that add a devilish touch to the menu.


Prune, New York City
Deviled Eggs;  $4

Jar, Los Angeles, California
Crab Deviled Eggs; $10

West End Tavern, Boulder, Colorado
Deviled Eggs with Bacon; $4

Seastar, Bellevue, Washington
Seastar Deviled Eggs: Spicy, creamy deviled eggs topped with Truffled Ahi Tartare or Citrus Salmon Gravlox; $9/$11

Centro, New York City
Truffled Deviled Eggs; $4

Lime, San Francisco, California
Deviled Eggs, Like Mom Used to Make; $5

Firefly, Chicago, Illinois
Parmesan Deviled Eggs; $6

Stuben’s Food Service, Denver, Colorado
Deviled Eggs; $6


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