Distributor Food Shows: A Winning Formula for All Participants

Distributor food shows, when organized and conducted properly, offer year-round benefits to the sponsoring distributorship as well as the participating vendors and operator-customers. Neptune Foodservice, Delta, BC, was awarded the Diamond award in this category by the International Foodservice Distributors Association at its Sales & Marketing Conference this summer in Naples, FL. ID Access posed several questions about how to organize successful food shows to Heather Connelly, marketing service leader, of the distributorship. We then posed additional questions about food shows to Deborah Goulet, distributor manager for Kraft Canada, one of Neptune's key supplier-partners. Following are their observations on how to organize winning distributor food shows.

Heather Connelly, Neptune Foodservice
ID Access: What is the importance of food shows to your distributorship?
Heather Connelly:
The food show is our premier marketing event of the year. It is our chance to show off our company and set us apart from the competition. It is very important to get everything right for our show and impress new and old customers.


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