Distributors Hear Tech Updates at Federated Meeting

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - Some 50 distributor-members and 50 vendors of Federated Foodservice, Inc., attended its annual winter business meeting at The Foxwood Resort in Connecticut.

In addition to distributor table appointments with individual suppliers, Deb Winter, vice president, said the distributor-members were also updated on Federated's website sales analysis system. "There was genuine interest in that online service that provides distributor-members with tools to generate different reports that they can access at all times," Winter said.

Winter presented a comparison of traditional vs. activity-based costing, noting that Federated would be launching an ABC service via Acorn Systems for all members at the national show in September.

"Distributors will be able to determine how much it costs to do business with a specific supplier and operator, and then figure out how to benefit from data and be profitable," Winter explained.

The members were also briefed on developments in RFID technology, Department of Transportation and hours of service regulations for truck drivers, association health care plans. as well as HACCP training.


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