Distributors Kept Popping Up at the NRA Show

Pro*Act, a cooperative of some 40 foodservice distributors based in Monterey, CA, promoted the benefits of fresh produce to the restaurant industry. This happy group of fresh produce enthusiasts includes Steve Grinstead, president and ceo; Mary Wright-Rana, marketing manager, chefs and representatives of these distributor-members: Charlie's Produce Co., Seattle; Loffredo Fresh Produce Co., Inc., Des Moines, Iowa; Cost Fruit and Produce, Boston; J. Kings Food Service Professionals, Inc., Holtsville, NY; and Testa Produce, Inc., Chicago; and Muir Copper Canyon Farms, Salt Lake City.

These two bright chaps left the sunny shores of Bermuda to come to the chilly climes of the Windy City. They are Andrew Pink and Alun Hughes of Butterfield & Vallis, Pembroke, Bermuda, a member of Pocahontas Foods.

No time for chitchat here, they're all work. Deb Winter and Amy Ciaglo of Federated Foodservice are charting a winning path to the group's supplier-partners.


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