Distributors Should Make Room for Exotic Offerings

"For foodservice distributors this means that you'll start seeing a more diverse variety of foods and accoutrements to fit America's changing palate such as more exotic foods, gourmet-type foods, organics and global foods as opposed to status quo American foods," Don Montuori, publisher of market researcher Packaged Facts, told ID Access, after unveiling his latest study.

As chronicled in the new report from Packaged Facts, evidently "out there" creations filling the menus of adventurous fine-dining restaurants are increasingly finding their way to the mainstream. In fact, the researcher said, these emerging concepts are driving the future of what could be considered a redefinition of comfort food.

"Emerging Food Concept Trends in Foodservice" is an insider's look at exceptional dishes in the leading white table cloth and ethnic restaurants throughout the U.S.


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