DOLE Unveils 2010 Fruit Pairings Designed To Spur Menu Inspiration

(April 8, 2010)— Ten fruit and flavor pairings appear on Dole's foodservice Web site, meant to give chefs and restaurant operators ideas to inspire their own signature dishes using fruit.

The 2010 Fruit Pairings are posted on dolefoodservice.com, where Dole dedicates a page to each set of flavor profiles, describing the unique culinary appeal, and offering a selection of sweet and savory recipes that showcase added value and inspire menu creativity.

Dole’s 2010 Fruit Pairings pack a powerful flavor punch.

  1. Mango & Lime
  2. Berries, Cherries and Chocolate
  3. Pineapple & Soft Cheeses
  4. Blueberries & Lemon
  5. Pineapple & Soy Sauce
  6. Peach & Bourbon
  7. Strawberry & Balsamic
  8. Fruit & Tea
  9. Fruit & Smoke
  10. Apples & Walnuts

To expand the number of possible DOLE Fruit Pairing menu applications, Dole has developed a Fruit Pairings Wheel that allows operators to match each fruit and flavor pairing with proteins, aromatics, produce and other ingredients. Click on FREE Flavor Pairings Wheel at the bottom of the Web page to order a copy.


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