Dress for success

It’s a given that staff uniforms are key to brand building for a restaurant concept. What may not be as obvious is the one factor both customers and employees value above all others when it comes to uniforms. A recent study done for the Clipper Corporation by Decision Research Inc. reveals the answer.

On the customer side, 33% of men and 26% of women identified cleanliness as the most essential characteristic of a uniform—more so than fit, style or color. Commenting on the findings, Clipper CEO Lina Hu notes “cleanliness of a foodservice environment is important to customers, so it makes sense that this extends to uniforms.”

As for the wearers themselves, 45% of female and 42% of male employees ranked “easy care/ looks clean” as the top quality, even above fit and comfort. The uniformed crew has the same priorities as the customers.

Durability is high on the list, too; 42% of QSR employees said they wash their uniform every time they wear it.

Investing in style is a bit of a toss up. When asked “would you take more care in washing your uniform if it was cool and hip?” 40% of female employees replied “very likely”, while the most common male answer—56%—was “not likely”.


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