EFS Network holds 1st industry-wide 'summit'

Representatives of 21 companies in the foodservice market attended the first industry-wide Foodservice Summit hosted by EFS Network, Inc., Chicago, a supply chain network whose members include a number of major industry players.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the status of supply-chain efficiency initiatives and electronic trading relations and to share information.

"EFS Network's basic philosophy is that we are an open, inclusive and industry-centric network striving to provide value creating supply-chain solutions to all segments within the foodservice industry," says Hank Lambert, ceo of EFS Network.

The meeting provided a critical forum to discuss benefits to the supply chain of collaboration through networks and exchanges, observes Charles Michael of Procter & Gamble. "This includes how EFS can coordinate for interoperability with other leading foodservice and consumer packaged goods networks. Manufacturers, distributors and operators all stand to gain, as value is intuitively correlated with adoption by trading partners.."


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