"IFDA is an organization that is crucial to the vitality of the foodservice distribution industry. As food-away-from-home became a larger part of the consumers' food purchases, it seemed to me that our issues and interests as foodservice distributors required more discreet focus," Whelan told ID Access.

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), Falls Church, VA, earlier this month presented Whelan, a group's board member with the Cornerstone Award (see ID Access webnews of Dec. 20) for his role in leading the association and showing extraordinary commitment in supporting IFDA's efforts on behalf of the industry.

Whelan said IFDA's transition to an independent organization in 2001 became an opportunity to build an independent business and focus on the needs of the distribution industry.

"Since becoming an independent entity, I believe we are a stronger and more focused organization that is uniquely positioned to support its members," he observed. "I am honored by IFDA's Cornerstone Award, and I wish that I had the youth and energy to devote many more years to our industry."


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