Maximizing Local Customer Traffic

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Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail® Service

Learn how to make the most of your marketing dollars with Every Door Direct Mail® Service (EDDM®) from the United States Postal Service®. Developed to make direct mail more accessible to local businesses, the EDDM® online mapping tool helps you decide how and where you want to mail, using an online process that’s affordable and easy-to-use.

EDDM® - Created to help make Direct Mail easier to use.
The U.S. Postal Service® created Every Door Direct Mail® Service to simplify how small businesses market to their local communities. With the EDDM® mapping tool, you can reach every address in the neighborhoods near your business -- and you don’t even need a mailing list. A U.S. Postal Service® letter carrier takes your printed piece to every home while delivering the day’s mail.

EDDM® - Helps you get your marketing messages into the right hands.
With the online mapping tool you can identify and select the routes in the neighborhoods you want to reach. Narrow your route selections by utilizing demographic information from the U.S Census, such as average household income, age range, or average household size.  You can also pay online, generate Post Office™ forms, and get help finding a printer.

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