FAB Hosts Successful Sales Conference

ATLANTA - Celebrating its golden anniversary, F.A.B., Inc., Alpharetta, GA, recently hosted its Annual Sales & Marketing Conference here, which attracted a nrecord number of members and suppliers and was deemed most successful conference to date.

The conference focused on distributor growth opportunities and the support for marketing the group's top signature brands. These brands include the new Restaurant's Pride, which was introduced earlier this year and was the recipient of the coveted IFDA "Diamond" Marketing Award in July.

"This was the best food show I have attended in 15 years in the foodservice industry. I am encouraged from what I saw and the conversations I had with many of the Frosty Acres members that we as a company made the right decision to become part of Frosty Acres. I look forward to working with F.A.B. for many years to come," said Ray Hanna, foodservice sales manager, St. Joe Distributing, and an F.A.B. member since June 2004.

More than 92% of Frosty Acres' members were represented at the conference and purchasing opportunities were at a premium. Supplier representatives actively supported the membership and the implementation of the F.A.B. brands and, in return, received the committed support of the membership. "I think we had a great show. It was good seeing all the members again, almost like being with family," said Earl Dodge of Signature Fruit Company. Scott Barrows of Bakery De France Co. stated" "Thank you for the outstanding support. You should be commended for a great conference."

The conference also offered CFO/MIS and sales training seminars, which provided valuable "best practice" techniques and trends in the financial, technical and sales training divisions. Throughout the conference, F.A.B. members had the opportunity to exchange ideas and capitalize on valuable networking opportunities. "The conference generated real value for both our members and suppliers thanks to our focus on growth, both at the corporate and member level, and our addition of new members. Our signature brands are instrumental to our strategy and the support of our membership has been overwhelming," noted George Watson, president and ceo of F.A.B., Inc.

Frosty Acres demonstrated signature brands, including Restaurant's Pride, the company's primary label, Orefresco, the Italian line, Frytatious, the premium shortening, Butterful, a liquid butter alternative, PerformaClean, a full line of cleaning products, Wrangler, the hamburger patty line and Frosty Pure, F.A.B.'s bottled water.

New members attending the conference for the first time were G & B Wholesale, Imler's Poultry, Kastner Statewide, Pippin Wholesale, St Joe Distributing and Supreme Lobster.


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