FAB Launches New Private-Label Program

ORLANDO, FL - The introduction of an expanded private-label program coupled with an aggressive campaign to boost membership are at the center of Frosty Acres Brands' key initiatives to enhance member services and drive double-digit growth.

"Successful growth for us means growth for our members' businesses," said George Watson, president of FAB, Inc., the Alpharetta, GA-based national marketing and food buying cooperative, at a press conference here on Saturday, Jan. 31, at the start of its Sales & Marketing Conference. "We are giving our members the tools, the training and the competitive edge of quality products, consistency and true value."

Watson unveiled at the conference FAB's new private label brand, called "Restaurant's Pride." Offered in four grades, the label will double with the FAB logo on a comprehensive line of foodservice products, Watson said. "The 'Restaurant's Pride' name reflects our commitment to delivering foodservice products of exceptional quality, consistency and value that any restaurant could take pride in serving," he added.

With 48 distributor-members, Watson said 14 companies joined the group in the past year and he expects six to 10 additional firms to sign up before its August meeting. Watson indicated that FAB's business plan calls for double-digit growth in the coming fiscal year.

More about Frosty Acres Brands' plans will appear in the upcoming Feb. 6 edition of ID Report

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