F.A.B. to Offer Buyer Training this April

Cindy Naes, senior vice president of procurement and marketing, a 34-year industry veteran, working with the F.A.B. Foodservice Committee (procurement executives from 16 member-companies) and F.A.B. Category Managers, developed the curriculum that will assist the students in their growth to an increased level of expertise, group said in its announcement.

“Our challenge was to develop a program that would reach our entire membership and bring them value in obtainment of their growth objectives, regardless of the members’ IT platforms or size.  A key component was to help make their work fun and rewarding. We feel we accomplished those goals,” Naes said.

George T. Watson, president and ceo, stated that “in order for the foodservice distributor buyer to have available the time required to successfully manage the negotiation and merchandising functions, thereby creating growth of their business wealth, that buyer must forecast and place an effective order.  These three functions – negotiation, merchandising, order forecasting – set the stage for what we do.  This program will provide the students with the knowledge that allows for that opportunity to take place.”

Rob Keeney, director of training, who is responsible for managing the coop’s DSR training, will develop the buyer training format and rollout.  Kenney stated, “I was very impressed with the training content and am looking forward to adding this program to our set of courses. It’s a major addition to our curriculum.”


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