Farmers market picks

In honor of the USDA-proclaimed "National Farmers Market Week" (August 4-10), restaurants are showcasing the best seasonal produce—often procured from nearby farmers markets. What's peaking in a farmers market near you depends on your locale, but it's safe to say that peaches, summer squash, melons, corn and tomatoes are in abundance almost everywhere.

Dallas, TX
Tomato and watermelon salad with Fresno chiles, mint and ricotta salata; $12

New York, NY
Corn Rigatoni: Ricotta, roast corn, scallion and summer truffles; $30

Urban Farmer
Portland, OR
Farmhouse Vegetable Salad: Asparagus, rapini, Pleasant Ridge cheese; $12

Montrio Bistro
Monterey, CA
Artichoke Ravioli: Baby artichokes, smoked bacon, peas, Italian parsley and lemon-thyme cream; $23

Talula's Garden
Philadelphia, PA
Stuffed Summer Squash: Sweet corn custard, toasted red quinoa, garlic roasted Sicilian eggplant and cucumber-sweet herb salad; $27

Lula Cafe
Chicago, IL
Pickled Trout and Summer Bean Salad: Pickled gooseberries, ginger creme fraiche, fennel, everything seeded cracker, basil, market greens; $8


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