2015 Top 100 Independents by location

Top 100 Independent restaurants locations map

Tourism continues to rule the Top 100 Independent Restaurants. Not surprisingly, New York City and Las Vegas are home to the most restaurants in the ranking–33 and 15, respectively. The map above shows states with one or more concepts on the list and below are breakdowns by the most popular cities and states.

New York

New York City is home to the most restaurants in the ranking. 33 of the Top 100 restaurants are located in the Big Apple. See the Top Independents in New York.

Las Vegas

Sin City ranked as the No. 3 best place to open a restaurant on RB's 2015 Restaurant Growth Index. See the Top Independents in Las Vegas.


Chicago dominates the list once again this year but isn't the only player. While the windy city hosts an impressive nine of the Top 100 Independents, their suburban outposts also prove to be standouts. See the Top Independents in Illinois.


San Francisco has five spots in the ranking, trumping SoCal's four (and one in central Cali). See the Top Independents in California.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is home to six of the Top 100 Independents this year, up from only three in 2014. See the Top Independents in Washington D.C.


Two of the six Florida restaurants are located on Disney properties. See the Top Independents in Florida.


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