Flint tries business stimulus via 1st Restaurant Week

flint river flint michigan

To promote the patronage of businesses in Flint, Mich., the city will serve as host for its first-ever Flint Restaurant Week, starting Tuesday.

The five-day event, which is sponsored by the Michigan Restaurant Association, highlights menu items served at 19 Flint eateries, many of which have been coping with the fallout from the city’s water crisis. Menus created for the event offer special pricing, and a number of restaurants will provide in-unit entertainment, according to a release.  

“Our goal is to continue to promote Flint in a positive way, and encourage more people to fall in love with the city we hold dear,” co-organizer Spencer Ruegsegger, manager of Irish-American pub Blackstone’s, said in a statement.

Several Flint restaurant owners told Restaurant Business in February that they were hard-pressed to serve a customer without having to address the safety of their water. Many proprietors were taking steps to ensure that safety at their respective eateries, such as weekly water testing, enhanced filtration and offering patrons the option of bottled water.


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