Food Safety Study: Consumers Feel Restaurants are Doing Good Job

While consumers were not leery of restaurants' ability to ensure the safety of their food, only the smallest number of respondents said operators should be entrusted with this responsibility. A plurality of 38% said the federal government should be most responsibility for ensuring food safety, followed by food processors and manufacturers, consumers, state government, farmers, grocery stores and restaurants.

Furthermore, 78% of the respondents to the study said federal agencies such as FDA and USDA were doing a good job of making sure that the foods they eat are safe; 78% for food processors and manufacturers; 89% for farmers; 82% for grocery stores; and 69% for restaurants.

KEEPING FOOD SAFE AS CAN BE As for the FDA and USDA's capability for making sure the foods consumed were safe, the survey found the 88% agreed with that statement; 91% said food processors and manufacturers were capable of doing so; 92% said farmers were; 93%


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