A Food Security Primer: Risk to Recovery; Part 6: Recovery

It was our worse nightmare. All around was destruction, not a physical destruction, but a devastation of the soul of our business family. The attack was senseless and unexpected, targeted at the innocent, using our business as the delivery weapon. Three people were dead. Although the local hospitals had released the last of the patients earlier in the week, the lengthy rehabilitation was just beginning for some victims - as well as for the business.

The recovery process of the business must begin with demonstrative and deliberate actions. The recovery hole we are in is deep and, with the "help" of our friends in the media, getting deeper. The financial impacts are beginning to hammer the business, with creditors patiently standing in line for remittance before the end. Our customers are recovering as well and not able to provide any comfort or commitment for the future. Our employees are afraid to return to the facility, but at the same time are beginning to fear for continuation of their jobs. The government agencies are standing by to assist, but their actions are fragmented and uncoordinated. It is clear that the business will have to take the lead to find our way out of this mess.


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