Food on a stick

One of the most efficient ways to eat a meal is to chomp it off a stick. Long the iconic fare at state fairs and kebab restaurants, stick food has been upgraded and diversified, popping up everywhere from hotel bars to fine dining menus and the local Starbucks. There’s even a cookbook offering 80 different recipes for stick-frenzied cooks. Check out how these eateries are heading for the sticks.

Lobster ME
Las Vegas, NV
The Lobsicle: Deep-fried Maine lobster tail on a stick; $12

Minneapolis, MN
Breakfast Popsicle: A large sausage patty on a stick, deep-fried in muffin batter and drizzled with maple syrup; $3

Karsh’s Bakery
Phoenix, AZ
Cake Pops: Round balls of freshly baked cake covered in frosting and served on a stick; $1.55

Bar Nineteen12
Beverly Hills, CA
Martini Popsicles: Alcohol-infused popsicles in three flavors—apple, watermelon and sour cherry; $12

Koji Restaurant
New Haven, CT
Spicy Thai Chicken; $7

New York, NY
PopGelato: Handcrafted gelato in eight different flavors served on a stick with a topping and chocolate coating of choice; $4, plus 75 cents per topping


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