Blueberries Add Zest and Zing to Savory Recipes

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Blueberries: plump, juicy, low in calories and packed with antioxidants, they’ve long been a staple in sweet breakfast and dessert dishes such as pancakes, cobblers, muffins and pies.

But more than a sweet treat, blueberries can provide a tasty twist to traditionally savory recipes. And operators will enjoy the ease of preparing and serving this small fruit that packs a wallop of flavor. Blueberries require no chopping, peeling or cooking before use and can add the perfect combination of sweet and tart to tacos, beef, pork and even pizza.

In fact, 30 percent of consumers surveyed said they find the flavor combination of savory and fruity appealing, according to a recent Flavor Trend Report by Technomic. And that number jumps to 46 percent for consumers age 25-34, according to that same report.

As a complement to savory dishes, blueberries offer an unexpected surprise, kicking up the flavor of ordinary foods. Blueberry Pork Street Tacos combine traditional taco ingredients with a blueberry ginger chutney—tart, tangy and with just the right amount of heat—enough to tempt any taco aficionado.

Blueberries top the list of superfoods—nutrient dense foods considered beneficial for health—that some believe help prevent cancer and other diseases. In the Dynamo Power Salad, they’re mixed with kale, quinoa, feta, vegetables, herbs and vinaigrette for a healthy, protein-packed salad that’s energizing and bursting with flavor. Even the most skeptical diner will find this salad refreshing and filling.

Satisfy a pizza lover’s craving with Savory Blueberry Pizza, an artisanal homestyle recipe that combines blueberries with gorgonzola and mozzarella cheeses and bits of pancetta or bacon. The pancetta and blueberry fusion offers a sweet and salty flavor explosion with every bite; research shows that bacon is the most popular protein paired with blueberries, according to Technomic.

Blueberry Coffee-Rubbed Rib Eye turns a classic steak into an unusual and distinctive dish by combining the bold flavors of mustard, chili powder and ground espresso with the subtle sweetness of fresh blueberries. This smoky, tender steak is sure to be a hit for meat-eating customers craving a hearty, flavorful dish.

Even shellfish pairs well with blueberries. Oysters with Blueberry Mignonette & Prosciutto incorporates blueberry juice and fresh berries with crispy, salty prosciutto and tangy red wine vinegar to dress the plump, tender oysters. Sliced jalapeño peppers offer just a bit of heat to finish off this on-trend dish.

With a little creativity and a lot of blueberries, any dish can be transformed from ordinary to unique.

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