Cones are the new cup

Cones are no longer just for ice cream. Breaking away from its traditional use as a holder of frozen treats, operators around the country are finding creative ways to use cones in food service. Making the jump from sweet to savory, these edible cones cater to the on-the-go market in unique ways, holding everything from salads to pizzas for the hurried lunch and dinner crowd.

Eight Turn Crepe
New York City
Tuna Nicoise: rice-flour crepe with tuna, hard-boiled egg, olives, tomatoes, spring salad mix, corn, green beans, balsamic dressing and tofu sauce; $8.75

Epic Cones
Arlington, Tex.
BBQ Brisket cone stuffed with hickory barbecue sauce, Cheddar-Jack cheese and chopped brisket; $6

The Mighty Cone
Austin, Tex.
Chicken-Avocado Cone: tortilla cone with breaded chicken, breaded avocado, mango-jalapeño slaw and ancho sauce; $6.25

Kono Pizza
Edison, New Jersey
Pepperoni pizza cone with mozzarella, tomato sauce and pepperoni; $3.99

Good Food Truck
Atlanta, Ga.
Curry Cone: savory waffle cone filled with samosa potato salad and topped with mint yogurt or roasted butternut squash, garbanzo beans and spiced rice; $5


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