Fried chicken and ...

Fried-chicken pairings are proving dynamic duos at both independents and chains. Chicken-and-biscuit and chicken-and-waffle combos appear on about 6 percent of menus nationwide. While growth was flat over the last year, it varies by region. For instance, mentions of the two options declined most in the West, but grew in the South.


At just over 10 percent, the Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma region has the highest percentage of menus that list chicken and biscuits, a classic Southern meal. 

square waffles

Often buzzed about, chicken and waffles are less prevalent than biscuit pairings, with the Southeast showing the highest occurrence of menu mentions at 5.5 percent.


What’s next? While chicken and doughnuts still are niche, the sweet-and-savory combo is popping up in large markets, even spawning dedicated concepts such as Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken in Chicago.

Source: Food Genius


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