Going au naturel

Announcements by QSR chains such as Pizza Hut and Taco Bell promising to pull artificial ingredients off the menu keep coming. The latest: Subway plans to remove artificial colors, flavors and preservatives during the next 18 months. While some mandates are originating from outside—the FDA just gave companies three years to eliminate trans fats—a major driver behind the clean up is consumers’ growing preference toward and attention to health. 

  • 40% of consumers are more concerned about additives than two years ago.
  • 52% of consumers want more transparency about what's in menu items.

Consumer perception

  • 78% say that foods with no artificial sweeteners are healthier.
  • 73% say antibiotic-free food and beverages are healthier.
  • 60% say meat is healthier when described as GMO-free.

Why consumers demand additive-free

  • 45% "Healthier"
  • 39% "Safer to consume"
  • 33% "More socially responsible"
  • 21% "Tastes better"

Percent of consumers willing to pay more for antibiotic-free

  • 42% Seafood
  • 39% Poultry
  • 35% Beef
  • 33% Pork


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