Haute beer cans

Beer snobs tend to shun brews in cans, preferring to chug from a bottle or a mug of draft. There’s a perception that cans infuse the beer with an aluminum taste and interfere with drinkability. But now some beer producers are taking a new look at beer can designs to shed this perception, reports CultureWaves Tide Report (November 14, 2013).

The report states that both craft beer makers and big beer companies are playing with can designs to create a more refreshing drinking experience. One example is Samuel Adams; in the same spirit as their specially designed pilsner glass, they are planning to roll out the “Sam can” with an extended lip and hourglass ridge to enhance aromatics and expel carbonation. Since cans block out light and oxygen—two of the biggest flavor detractors—bringing them back should have more impact on taste than people might expect.


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