Playing with pot pie

Because Families make up the bulk of visitors to the Disney theme parks, it’s a challenge for food service operations to accommodate every type of food sensitivity. “Gluten-free requests have started to exceed all other special dietary concerns at every one of our restaurants,” says Disney Chef Charles Dolson. “Many people now choose to eat gluten-free, as it involves more fresh ingredients versus processed foods.” The Turkey Pot Pie he and Chef Nick Crispino created for Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom Park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., uses rice flour in the crust and filling. The vegetables— carrots and finely diced onions and celery—are kid-tested favorites; Dolson tried out the recipe on his 7-year-old daughter before putting it on the menu. The result, he says, is a dish that’s popular with kids and grownups alike. 

Turkey Pot Pie

Through trial and error, Chef Dolson found that 7/8 cup rice flour substitutes well for 1 cup all-purpose flour in the biscuit crust. “The rice flour has a more grainy texture, so the filling requires a longer time to cook the flour out. But in the end, the difference is indiscernible,” he says. Chopped fresh sage and thyme season the turkey-vegetable filling.

Smart Swaps

Instead of…Try this…
All-purpose flourRice flour
Chunks of onion and celery Finely chopped onion and celery
Broccoli as a sideGreen beans as a side



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