Pollo Campero feels the need to Americanize

Pollo Campero, the Guatemalan fried-chicken chain, is Americanizing its menu with the addition of such familiar choices as tacos, empanadas and panini.

The franchisor cites the adjustment as a critical factor in expanding its U.S. presence.

The broadened bill of fare will be featured in a new Campero prototype that offers limited service, a la most fast-casual places, as well as beer and sangria. The stores measure 2,380 sq. ft. Prices will range from about $6 to $10 per meal, according to the chain.

“We believe this modern iteration will make us more accessible to a wider range of consumers across America,” says vice president of marketing Lisken Kastalanych.

Campero stresses that the new selections will be in addition to the chain’s current signatures, which include authentic Latino sides like sweet plaintains and Yuca.

The first outlet sporting the new menu and design is scheduled to debut in Houston later this more. Two more are already slated to open elsewhere in Texas. 


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