‘Shroom at the Inn

A self-described “boutique resort” is using mushroom season as an opportunity to sell an $85-a-head pairings dinner.

The Little River Inn in Mendocino, Calif., is promoting its 6th Annual Mushroom & Beer Dinner as a “culinary adventure” centering on the mushrooms that sprout in the wilds of northern California at this time of year. Each course of the Nov. 8 dinner is paired with a barrel-aged beer from the Russian River Brewing Co.

Here’s the menu, with the recommended brew:

Amuse Bouche
Mushroom “Bugles”
Purple Haze goat cheese

Framboise for a Cure - 6.5% abv Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Raspberries

First Course
Trumpet Mushroom Salad
maché, pickled radish, citrus vinaigrette

Saison Blonde - 4.5% abv Farmhouse Ale

Second Course
Chanterelle Gateaux
crisp local potatoes, roasted chicken glace

Damnation - 7.0% abv Strong Golden Ale

Third Course
Dobin Mushi
matsutake broth with ankimo and scallions

Perdition - 6.1% abv Biere de Sonoma

Fourth Course
Beatification Beau Soleil Oyster Shooter
Beatification mignonette and pickled enoki mushrooms

Beatification - 5.75% abv Spontaneous Fermented Beer &
Sanctification - 6.75% abv Brett Fermented Beer

“Porchetta, Porcini & Pliny”
pork belly roast stuffed with porcini mushrooms and greens

Pliny The Elder - 8.0% abv Double India Pale Ale

Medjool Date Baklava
candycap heirloom cider syrup

Toronado 25th Anniversary - 8.75% abv Barrel Aged Sour


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