Formula for restaurant success c. 2014

With recent changes in the market, restaurateurs might feel they’re navigating a windowless room while the lights are off, Technomic suggested during the first business session of the Restaurant Leadership Conference. The researcher recommended 10 ways that operators can help themselves:

  1. Adapt to evolving needs quickly.
  2. Engage customers.
  3. Find the "white space," as marketers call gaps in the marketplace where consumer needs go unfulfilled.
  4. Take risks in innovation. “Even if you fail, you get so much buzz that it’s worth the effort,” said Executive Vice President Darren Tristano.
  5. Leverage trends.
  6. Be authentic.
  7. Connect to the community.
  8. Tell your story.
  9. Encourage feedback.
  10. Live transparently, a la Chipotle’s efforts to reveal all about its ingredients, operation and philosophy.


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