Fourth Edition of ServSafe to be Presented at NRA Show

ServSafe Coursebook was launched this week and is the newest product in the ServSafe Fourth Edition product line. Visitors to NRAEF booth #6300 will be able review the new materials, talk with ServSafe food safety experts and take part in the Food Safety Showdown! trivia game for prizes.

In addition to ServSafe Coursebook, other new ServSafe Fourth Edition training materials are: ServSafe Essentials, English; ServSafe Instructor Complete Toolkit, English; ServSafe Instructor Deluxe CD-ROM, English; ServSafe Instructor Basic CD-ROM, English; and ServSafe Employee Guides, English.

In addition to talking with ServSafe experts, visitors to the booth will be able to take part in an exciting game show that will test their food safety and/or responsible alcohol service knowledge. Participants can also take part in the fast-paced question/answer trivia game to win prizes.

Enhancements to ServSafe Fourth Edition product line include: 2005 FDA Food Code Updates; New Real World Scenarios, called "Something to Think About"; New Simplified Microbiology Chapter; New Jurisdictional Requirements, called "How This Relates to Me"; New Employee Training Section; New Implementation Tool, called "Take It Back"; Updated Activities; Expanded HAACP Content; and Expanded Produce Management Content.


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