FSIS to Co-Sponsor 2006 Food Safety Education Conference

The conference will be held Sept. 27-29, 2006, at the Adam's Mark Hotel, in Denver, CO.

"The goal of the conference is to share the latest science-based food safety findings, principles, practices and communication strategies with public health officials and others in the food community," said USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety Dr. Richard Raymond. "I am confident that this conference will create long-lasting partnerships and a strong, collaborative network among all parties who have an interest in promoting public health through food safety."

"Reaching At-Risk Audiences" will provide educators, communicators, medical and public health professionals and food industry representatives with information, research and insights on reducing foodborne illness in the general and at-risk populations in particular. The conference is expected to attract approximately 600 participants including media, trade, consumer and health associations as well as food safety, public health, medical and cooperative extension professionals, the organizers said.

Presentations will focus on surveillance and epidemiological insights about foodborne illness; food safety behavioral and attitudinal research; social marketing, educational interventions, and program research; the role of foodservice and food industries; and new technologies. Information will be provided in plenary sessions, panel discussions, poster presentations and exhibits. To submit abstracts, or for more information, visit www.fsis.usda.gov/Denver2006.

Other sponsors of the 2006 Food Safety Education Conference are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, NSF/WHO Collaborating Center for Food Safety and USDA's Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service.


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