FSIS proposes to revise pizza manufacturing regs to provide flexibility

New pizza varieties may be on the horizon, as USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is proposing to amend federal meat inspection regulations to give manufacturers more flexibility.

FSIS plans to remove standards of identity for "pizza with meat" and "pizza with sausage," in response to a petition submitted by the National Frozen Pizza Institute (NFPI). This would help manufacturers who say existing rules prevent them from offering new sauces and ethnic styles and from reducing fat content.

Currently, a meat pizza must have a crust, cheese, a tomato-based sauce and at least 10-12 percent meat by weight. With the amended rule, a meat or sausage pizza could have as little as 2 percent meat content--the minimum for anything labeled as a meat product.
Public comment will be accepted until January 2.


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