MONTEREY, CA (November 10, 2010)—PRO*ACT, America's leading fresh produce supplier to the foodservice industry, has announced that Furr’s Buffet has selected PRO*ACT as its primary produce supplier.

Established in 1946, Furr’s has 48 units in seven western and southern states. It is operated by Dallas-based Buffet Partners LP. The chain is known for healthful foods as well as traditional homestyle favorites. Garden-fresh vegetables and fruits are an important aspect of that menu strategy.

“This partnership with Furr’s Buffet has been characterized by strong mutual commitment from day one,” says Brian Kane, vice president of client services for PRO*ACT. “The operational synergies we’ve been able to achieve with local support from both sides are the key success factors.”

Constance Luck, director of purchasing at Furr’s, says that national distribution was the deciding factor in selecting PRO*ACT. “They are the only produce distributor that could serve all of our locations,” she says. “By working with PRO*ACT, we are able to control all of our specifications successfully. Also, the food safety and traceability systems that PRO*ACT has implemented are very important to us.”

Luck also appreciates the fact that she can change Furr’s order guide easily and conveniently to take advantage of seasonal produce opportunities. “This is especially good for our LTO’s (limited time offers),” she explains.

Eric Magnus, IT Manager PRO*ACT stated “PRO*ACT has been able to rapidly and effectively integrate their eServices™ system with Furr’s own Crunchtime Chain software, enabling them to deploy an end-to-end supply chain solution that includes full electronic ordering, spec management, pricing, and invoicing capabilities”.


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