At Bandana’s Bar-B-Q, slow-cooked Southern barbecue is the order of the day. That means the pork, beef, chicken and turkey spend 11 to 14 hours in the smoker along with green hardwoods and founder David Seitz’s 50-year-old dry rub recipes. Though the food is cooked slowly, it’s served fast, with Bandana’s promising a meal for four in 30 minutes or less. Seitz brought Southern barbecue to St. Louis in 1996, and now has locations throughout Missouri, as well as in Colorado, Iowa and Illinois.

LocationChesterfield, Mont.
2006 Systemwide Sales$32,500,000
% Change in Sales25.0%
2006 U.S. Units22
% Change in Units46.7%
2006 Average Unit Volume$1,600,000
% Change in AUV3.1%
Future 50 Year2007